AIPH Common Entrance Test - 2018

MSc Biotechnology Apply Now

One of the most emerging interdisciplinary areas of biological sciences which merge and manipulate bioscience with engineering tools and technologies for human beneficial products such as medicine, agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals and environment control deals with Biotechnology.

 Manipulation of biological materials using modern techniques for providing opportunities in applied and basic sciences. In present day, manipulation of various parameters for enhancing food quality, shelf life; inactivating microbes, viruses, prions, and deleterious enzymes; affecting recombinant protein production; controlling DNA hybridization; and improving vaccine preparation are useful for human welfare.

Application of biotechnology in research and development deals the areas such as Microbiology, Cell biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology for understanding the occurrence of biological matter and their treatment for development of sustainable agriculture, food production, environmental protection and many more. Most of the R&D work in biological sciences is carried out in the laboratory. Production of drugs, vaccines, biofuels and pharmaceuticals products on an industrial scale using biochemical processes and techniques can carried through the research in biotechnology.

Moreover, Post Graduate courses in Biotechnology conducted by AIPH University, Bhubaneswar provides research cum learning environment where students, teachers and facilitators drawn from various academic disciplines can enrich the knowledge on latest research methodologies on biological sciences.

The main focus of the organization is ‘lab to land’ technique through modern research tools for social empowerment. However, the organization leads to various programmes for the development of entrepreneurship among rural peoples by the help of various Govt and Semi Govt research projects.  All the faculties of the department have research projects which will be helpful to the students for learning recent techniques on biological sciences. The institute also assists students to obtain proper career in industry, research institute and other allied sectors.

Facilities: The institution have well-equipped Laboratory with Digital Weighing Balance, Laminar Air-flow, Compound Microscope with LED illumination, Bacteriological Incubator, Water bath, Distillation Unit, Autoclave, Digital pH Meter, Hot Air Oven, Bactec 9050, PCR, Deep freezer -20 degree, Deep freezer -70, Deep freezer -80, Gel Electrophoresis unit, Vortex Machine, Hot plate, centrifuge, UV- Transiluminator and other necessary facilities. The organizations have an ultra modern library with digital facilities having open access to various scientific SCI journals.


The candidate who is interested for this programme, he/she have to completed a 3 years bachelor’s degree in biological science and physical science subjects from a recognized institution/university with at least 55% marks. The selection of eligible candidates for admission to Biotechnology program will be based on career marks followed by interview.


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