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The two year Post Graduate Program is a multidisciplinary approach and designed to learn each and every aspect of bio sciences e.g. animal, plant and microbiology. Study of life activities requires basic learning of certain techniques. The programme gives an opportunity to learn and understand modern biological techniques involving biotechnology, recombinant DNA technology, instrumentation, tissue culture, computational biology. Life Science is one of the rewarding fields in science stream. There are a lot of broad career opportunities in the fields of biology, biomedical and life Sciences. Candidates who are opting for this course can be employed as skilled professionals in various premiere research institutes. Latest scientific tools and techniques can be learned and subsequently can be utilized to understand how living systems work. Life science also has a wide range of job opportunities in different areas such as material science, biomedical science, chemical and physical science and engineering. Professionals in this career can also opt for teaching jobs in colleges and universities. Graduates in Life Science can seek employment in healthcare industries such as pharmaceutical industries, medical research, genetic engineering, lab technology and pharmaceutical sales; food and dairy industry etc. This sector is an emerging branch of science with top areas of employment in leading multidisciplinary organizations.


Laboratory & Library Facilities: There is a well-equipped Laboratory with Digital Weighing Balance, Laminar Air-flow, Compound Microscope with LED illumination, Bacteriological Incubator, Water bath, Distillation Unit, Autoclave, Digital pH Meter, Hot Air Oven, Bactec 9050, PCR, Deep freezer -20 degree, Deep freezer -70, Deep freezer -80, Gel Electrophoresis unit, Vortex Machine, Hot plate, centrifuge, UV- Transiluminator and other necessary facilities. The institute has a well stocked library where students do their studies and borrow reading material. Internet facilities available inside the library.



Admission to M.Sc. Life Science programme shall be based on criteria decided by the Management Committee of Asian Institute of Public Health. A student shall be eligible to apply for admission to Life Science course, if he/she has completed a 3 years bachelor’s degree in life science subjects (Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Environmental Science) from a recognized institution/university. The selection of the eligible candidates for admission to Life Science program may be based on career marks & interview as deemed necessary by the Management Committee.


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